Spring Treasure Hunt
26 Mar - 10 Apr 2021

Join us from 26th March to 10th April 2021 at Al Jimi Mall to play the fun phygital Spring Treasure Hunt for a chance to WIN up to AED 10,000 every week in prizes! Participants can expect to test their mental agility as they solve a series of cryptic puzzles that will be spread around Al Jimi Mall.

So, pick your team mates and come to the Al Jimi Mall Spring Treasure Hunt Stand located at the Al Jimi Mall main entrance, to play and win exciting prizes!

Decoding The Hunt

Participating teams will need to solve an array of fun, logical and engaging challenges on their smartphones via the Spring Treasure Hunt Game web app. Each challenge is timed! The fastest responses score the highest points!

Decoding The Challenges

The engaging and fun challenges are a series of visual puzzles and riddles designed to test participants on a variety of skill sets like speed, logic, math and teamwork. Teams will be directed to various “Check-in” locations around Al Jimi Mall to decode the challenge.

The Prizes

The team with the highest score at the end of every Saturday will win up to AED 10,000 in prizes.

Highest Scoring Team up to AED 5,000 in prizes

2nd Highest Scoring Team up to AED 3,000 in prizes

3rd Highest Scoring Team up to AED 2,000 in prizes

How It Works – Visit https://therushaway.com/jimimall/ for more information!

  • Your team will be directed to various “Check-in” locations around Al Jimi Mall, to decode challenges via the Treasure Hunt web app using any browser on your smartphone.
  • At each “Check-in” location, your team will have to solve a challenge. There are 7 “Check-in” locations with challenges.
  • Each challenge is timed! The fastest responses score the highest points!
  • Highest scorers of the week win prizes.
  • To complete the treasure hunt, you need to reach the final location and enter the last code by 10:00 pm on the day of participation.
  • Please use your personal mobile data for an uninterrupted gaming experience.
  • The hunt can be completed in a duration of 60 minutes, if played all at once. However, teams do not need to rush to complete the hunt in one go. Take breaks, go shop, enjoy a dining experience at the mall between challenges. Simply ensure you complete the hunt by 10:00 pm on the same day.
Spring Treasure Hunt

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